Welcome to Neva Groundwater Consulting (NGC)

NGC provides hydrogeology consulting services in Western Australia and other countries. The company is founded by Dr. Anastasia Boronina, a hydrogeologist with 20 years’ experience. Anastasia’s primary field of expertise is quantitative hydrogeology and groundwater modelling.

NGC provides groundwater interpretations, assessments and predictions for:

• Mine dewatering and closure,
• Road design and construction,
• Groundwater supply, and
• Environmental impact assessments.

Anastasia has developed associations with other independent consultants that are able to join a specific project on as-needed basis.

We are closely associated with the Centre of Hydrogeology of St-Petersburg State University (Russia) that developed ANSDIMAT software for groundwater analytical modelling. Anastasia is a part of development and technical support ANSDIMAT team.

About Neva Groundwater Consulting

Neva Groundwater Consulting (NGC) was established in Perth, Western Australia in 2014. Specialist services are provided by Dr. Anastasia Boronina, who has worked as a hydrogeologist and a groundwater modeller over the last 20 years.

Prior to founding NGC, Anastasia worked on a wide range of groundwater research and consultancy projects across Europe, Asia and Australia. Currently Anastasia is lecturing in University of Western Australia on the subjects of Aquifer Test Interpretation and Mining Hydrogeology.

Our Skills

  • Density-dependent flow and transport modelling
  • Numerical models for a wide range of applications
  • All commercially available software packages
  • Training courses tailored to your needs


Mine Dewatering and Closure

• Mine dewatering requirements
• Prediction of dewatering and depressurisation
• Pit lakes water levels and balance

Environmental Impact Assessments

• Contaminant migration in aquifers and unsaturated zone
• Drawdown impacts from mine dewatering and borefield operation

Water supply

• Borefield design
• Aquifer test planning and interpretation
• Sustainable aquifer yield
• Impact assessment & water protection


• Dewatering requirements and schedule for construction
• Design groundwater levels
• Impact of construction on aquifers

Groundwater modelling

• Hydrogeological conceptualisation
• Groundwater flow and transport numerical models
• Groundwater analytical superposition models

Training and Technical reviews

• Client-tailored courses on hydrogeology and groundwater modelling
• Technical reviews of groundwater flow and transport models
• Support in numerical modelling and aquifer test interpretations

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